Atomic Layer Deposition

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Due to high controllability of deposition parameters (thickness; composition and structure), excellent uniformity and consistency, atomic layer deposition has gained broad applications micro/nanoelectronics and nanomaterials. Below is one of the major applications:

Laser materials

UV lasing in high order bands of 3D ZnO photonic crystals of a laser made by ALD has been demonstrated. In on reported work, polystyrene opal templates are deposited by self-assembly onto glass substrates, infiltrated with ZnO by ALD, and removed by firing at elevated temperatures. The resulting photonic crystal structures are face-centered cubic arrays of air spheres surrounded by ALD-ZnO dielectric shells with a thickness of typically 50 layers. UV lasing is demonstrated at room temperature. The photonic crystals are inverse opals with high refractive index contrast that simultaneously confine light and provide optical gain. Highly directional lasing with tunable wavelength is obtained by optical pumping.