Atomic Layer Deposition

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Due to high controllability of deposition parameters (thickness; composition and structure), excellent uniformity and consistency, atomic layer deposition has gained broad applications micro/nanoelectronics and nanomaterials. Below is one of the major applications:

UV-blocking coatings

UV absorbing coatings is usually done with sol-gel process of a complex oxide of cerium and titanium deposited on glass. Addition of TiO2 to CeO2 changed the crystallinity and coordination state of CeO2 and improved UV absorption. Since both CeO2 and TiO2 should be easily deposited by ALD. Improved properties can be expected due to the amorphous and homogeneous structure of ALD oxides, zero porosity, low stress, no baking needed and thus no shrinkage, excellent adhesion and with ALD less waste is produced compared to sol-gel based liquid processing. It is expected that ALD can be a much better alternative to sol-gel for UV-blocking coating.