LabNanoTM-9000 series are flexible, compact  and highly modular thermal ALD systems designed for scientific and industrial R&D labs. The ALD system  has a simple and intuitive interface easy for beginners. It comes with standard process recipes of a variety of materials, and has low maintenance cost.


A high degree of integration and flexibility : LabNanoTM-9000 can work with most solid, liquid, gaseous ALD precursors reported in literature. Precursor manifold can be configured with 2 to 6 input ports for precursor sources based on customer choice. Compatible options include ozone generator, glove box, large-size multi-substrate sample holder, powder sample holders, etc.


Precise control with multiple deposition modes: the user can set the number of cycles and time to achieve atomic scale thickness control. Three depositional modes are available:   FlowTMStopFlowTM, PreTuneTM. The system is capable of high-speed deposition, deposition on complex 3D structures, microporous inner wall substrates, ultra-high aspect ratio structures. Influence from CVD effects and precursor reflux has been eliminated. 


Standard deposition recipes : we provide customers with standard deposition process recipes for a variety of materials , including recipes under different conditions , such as temperature and deposition rate, to meet the needs of our customers.


Ease of operation: The interface is intuitive and simple for an operator to easily master. All parameters (temperature of the precursor source, pipe temperature, the temperature of the cavity, the carrier gas flow rate, the pulse time, etc.) are set in the computer operator interface modification, throughout the deposition process and status parameters are displayed in real time. All thin film deposition pattern and process recipe can be stored automatically call. Contains multiple security mechanisms, such as over-voltage protection and abnormal automatically shut down ALD valve to prevent leakage precursor.


Reliable with low maintenance cost : DualOTM nitrogen protected high temperature sealing double O-Ring system effectively prevents any gas leakage. Compact heating pipelines and large area to volume ratio chamber, combined with a special exhaust gas treatment apparatus, effectively reduces precursor consumption to a minimum.


LabNanoTM-9000 Technical Specifications

Substrate size

LabNanoTM 9100/9200/9300 max substrate diameter: 6”/8”/12”; standard max substrate height: 6mm; options available for higher profile substrate or batch of substrates. 

Substrate temperature

Room temp. to 400oC; Temp. accuracy +/-1oC. Max 550oC high substrate temperature heating available as an option. 

Reaction Chamber

 Dual-OTM double O-ring heated seal with N2 flow protection.

Deposition mode

 FlowTM mode, StopFlowTM mode and optional Pressure tuning (PreTuneTM) mode 

Control system

 PLC control with WindowsTM based autoALDTM software. 

Precursor delivery

Standard 3 precursor line configuration(1 line at room temperature, the other 2 heated up to 200oC with +/-1oC accuracy);  Expandable up to 6 lines (5 heated lines). 

Pulsing time control

Shortest pulsing time: 10ms; 1ms step accuracy guaranteed.

Precursor pipeline

316LSS EP level, heating control: RT-150oC. 

ALD Valve

High speed ALD valve, working temperature:RT-150oC. 

Precursor container

50cc stainless steel with max 325oC manual valve; larger container available as option. 

Carrier Gas

N2 or Ar, flow rate range: 0-200 sccm.

Heated vent pipeline

Temp. range: RT-150oC. 


Ozone generator; in situ monitoring system; manual/automatic loadlock.

Film uniformity

Thickness uniformity for Al2O3 on a 4” Si wafer: better than +/-1%

Power rating

50-60 Hz, 220V/15A; equipped with transformer for 100-110V where needed. 


Metal cabinet with removable side panels, wheels and adjustable support feet. 




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