FabNanoTM  series is designed for small scale industrial production. Our uniquely designed precursor delivery system ensures excellent control over film thickness and uniformity. Standard deposition process recipe, with a variety of materials to meet the standards of industrial applications, use and low maintenance costs.

Major advantages:

  1. Precise process control and intuitive operational interface 
  2. Large library of deposition recipes 
  3. Fast temperature recovery time 
  4. Available with high throughput production mode 
  5. Multiple safety interlocks 
  6. Ultra-low operating and maintenance costs


  1. Substrate dimensions: 4-12 inch optional, other substrate dimensions available as option. 
  2. Substrate temperature: RT-300oC, the control accuracy of ± 1oC. 
  3. Precursor delivery system: standard 2-way precursor pipeline, can be expanded to more ports. 
  4. Substrate transport system: manual, selectable manual/automatic load lock. 
  5. Depositional model: high-speed mode. 
  6. Deposition rate: cycle time: <30s (25 wafers), cycle time: <40s (52 wafers).
  7. Deposition uniformity: Al2O3 uniform within +/-2%.
  8. Processing capacity: 52 pieces of 4 inch wafers or 20 pieces of 8 inch wafers.
  9. Customizable according to requirements.

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